Open SUNY Textbooks

Open SUNY Textbooks is an endeavor of the State University of New York and provides high-quality textbooks written and edited by professionals.

“In response to the growing impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption across SUNY, the Open SUNY Textbook (OST) project, originally launched from SUNY IITG, is offering services to support wide faculty adoption of OER that can be effectively sustained, improved and shared, as well as delivered to students to give them the day-one access to course materials they need for academic success. Our OER services will continue to include supporting the development of new, original low-cost learning materials for SUNY students, using a financial model that any SUNY campus can easily join. These new and continuing services provide faculty with a common platform to remix, revise, reuse, redistribute, and retain openly-licensed content from any source, including their own original works.

SUNY OER Services is a scaled-up, networked, and sustainable approach to digital learning and publishing within the SUNY system, using curated OER content, faculty course supports, and instructional technology development and design.”