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The Open SUNY Course Quality Review process has the best course design rubric in the industry. It is open so you can adapt it to your own institution.


UC Davis hosts a powerful program for open textbooks (CC-BY-SA-NC). Topics trend towards STEM, but there are some Humanities there as well. Great interface and search with amazing resources.


The most popular community site for 3D models! People are encouraged to license their creations under CC, so many of the items here can be remixed.

Open Learning Initiative

The OLI is an online learning platform with content for educators and students. The platform centers around student-centered measurable learning outcomes. Mostly STEM courses, but not all. Brought to you by Carnegie Mellon.


A great repository with hundreds of thousands of assessment questions. The project was abandoned in 2015, but the bank of questions is still available. Search by topic and/or keyword.

NASA Images

The search interface of images, sound clips, and videos is super slick. Most content is generally free to use, but for commercial use you should check out their guidelines.

The Math Images Project

The Math Forum is a comprehensive site with many different resources. Of particular note is the Math Images Project, which provides lots of free math related images, organized by topic. Images shared under GNU FDL 1.2, which is just like CC-BY-SA.

Public Domain Fonts

All the fonts here are in the public domain, so you can download and install them (and modify them, if that’s your thing). The site is ad-supported, so be careful what you click on!


These open classes are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA, and can be remixed for whatever purpose you want. Health topics such as Health, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Mental Health, and more are available.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The DOAJ hosts a huge database of open access journals. The organization and search functions are great, and you can look up individual articles or entire journals.

Community College Consortium for OER

The CCCOER is a wonderful resource for understanding open and for discovering content. The catalog of OER repositories they have is well organized.

Open Access Button

This is a Chrome extension that allows users to request access to content – like journals – that is behind a paywall. There’s a bunch of people working hard behind the scenes to get you what you need and make it available to the world. This is not truly open, because the content isn’t all open,…

Open Textbook Library

Run by the University of Minnesota, the Open Textbook Library is a collection of open textbooks, searchable by subject. Great interface, and the catalog is very good.


WikiBooks is a website that allows for crowd-sourced content (anyone can edit a book). The content tends to be very good, though the look and feel of the website is very utilitarian.

Open Course Library

Open Course Library has a catalog of completely free and open courses – all content is nicely organized in Google Drive so it is easy to reuse.

Amazon Inspire

We don’t know exactly what is happening at Amazon Inspire, but it looks like Amazon will be a great repository for open content for K-12 institutions. They are in the Beta version now, so stay tuned!

Open Stax

Although a small collection of books, these open books are authored by professionals and peer reviewed. They also align with standard scope and sequence requirements. The books are available online and as a PDF, although some of them can also be ordered in print (~$30) or obtained in the iTunes bookstore.


Saylor offers full-length college level courses online. The courses are all open, and can be adapted easily (they even make a guide for it!)

OER Commons

One of the best resources for open content! This site is indexed and searchable (by topic, by resource type, by academic level, and by standard), and the content is reliably open (and vetted).

Open SUNY Textbooks

Open SUNY Textbooks is an endeavor of the State University of New York and provides high-quality textbooks written and edited by professionals.

My Open Math

My Open Math is a tool for math educators that helps students learn – for free – with interactive tools.


A phenomena, curated collection of OER. Searchable by topic, and filtered by type (textbooks, case studies, quizzes, etc.)


Schema is a way Instructional Designers and educators can tag their content to make it more discoverable. It’s a well-structured, standard metadata scheme.

College Open Textbooks

A good place to go when looking for content. You’ll likely have to invest time in finding great content. This site aggregates different resources – although the organization is great – but some of the links bring you to dead links, content that isn’t easy to edit, and content that is old.