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The Open SUNY Course Quality Review process has the best course design rubric in the industry. It is open so you can adapt it to your own institution.

Open Learning Initiative

The OLI is an online learning platform with content for educators and students. The platform centers around student-centered measurable learning outcomes. Mostly STEM courses, but not all. Brought to you by Carnegie Mellon.


A great repository with hundreds of thousands of assessment questions. The project was abandoned in 2015, but the bank of questions is still available. Search by topic and/or keyword.


These open classes are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA, and can be remixed for whatever purpose you want. Health topics such as Health, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Mental Health, and more are available.

Open Educational Resources

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Penn State has released a number of courses with assets that can be reused and remixed. The classes are mostly in energy, geography, geosciences, meteorology, and other related disciplines

Community College Consortium for OER

The CCCOER is a wonderful resource for understanding open and for discovering content. The catalog of OER repositories they have is well organized.

Open Course Library

Open Course Library has a catalog of completely free and open courses – all content is nicely organized in Google Drive so it is easy to reuse.


Saylor offers full-length college level courses online. The courses are all open, and can be adapted easily (they even make a guide for it!)

OER Commons

One of the best resources for open content! This site is indexed and searchable (by topic, by resource type, by academic level, and by standard), and the content is reliably open (and vetted).