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The Public Domain Review

A beautifully curated collection of public domain art (images, books, film, audio) that is searchable by type, time period, or keywords.


Tons of modern CC-BY icons! Search by keyword, and then choose the file type (.png, .psd, .svg, .eps) and the size. An incredible collection that will cover most of your icon needs.

The Math Images Project

The Math Forum is a comprehensive site with many different resources. Of particular note is the Math Images Project, which provides lots of free math related images, organized by topic. Images shared under GNU FDL 1.2, which is just like CC-BY-SA.


Compfight searches for images (many from Flickr) with a slick filtering system (tags, licensing, safe, etc.).

Wikimedia Commons

All the images at Wikimedia Commons are either public domain or licensed under Creative Commons (the specific licenses vary). There’s a good search mechanism and the attribution is easily accessible

Public Domain Vectors

A wonderful directory of public domain images and illustrations. There is a good search function, and even web-based tools for creating and editing SVG files.


A searchable index (by keyword, by license, and orientation!) of photos and illustrations in the public domain and under Creative Commons


A great collection of vector art – and you can modify it online before downloading!. Some art is not CC, but the majority of it is. Downloads include .jpg, .ai, .pdf, and .eps).

Public Domain Pictures

Tons of images in the public domain that are searchable. You can pay for premium downloads.

Open Clip Art

All the clip art here is released to the public domain for a frictionless experience! “All Clipart are Released into the Public Domain. Each artist at Openclipart releases all rights to the images they share at Openclipart. The reason is so that there is no friction in using and sharing images authors make available…


A great site with resources for designers (icons, photos, stock images, etc.). There is a freemium model, and you can pay for access to more content, but there are thousands of open assets here. “Freepik offers users, high quality graphic designs: exclusive illustrations and graphic resources carefully selected by our design team in order…


Clip art, photos, and illustrations that are all released under Creative Commons 0! “All images on Pixabay are released into the Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0. Therefore, the images can be modified and may be used freely for any application – also commercially and in printed format. Attribution in appreciated, but not required.”