The Public Domain Review

A beautifully curated collection of public domain art (images, books, film, audio) that is searchable by type, time period, or keywords.

NASA Images

The search interface of images, sound clips, and videos is super slick. Most content is generally free to use, but for commercial use you should check out their guidelines.


Just like YouTube, there is a way to filter search results by license. Unlike YouTube, you can find videos based on specific licenses under Creative Commons (CC BY, CC  BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA, etc.).


Although the standard license in YouTube is not Creative Commons, contributors can elect to publish their videos as CC BY. Once you search for a video, you can filter the results by license and get a list of all the Creative Commons videos.


A wonderful collection of Creative Commons stock footage. Searchable by keyword and by category.

Stock Footage

A great collection (from of stock footage. Licenses vary, and most of these clips are not meant as standalone assets – they are designed to be incorporated into bigger projects.


Free stock video! The licenses are very flexible (many CC BY), and new content is added every week.

Pond 5

Pond5 hosts a huge repository of video, images, audio clips, and 3D renderings. They also have a paid section. Follow the link below for a huge amount of public domain content. “Whether you’re a filmmaker, musician, designer, student, or just a history buff, the Pond5 Public Domain Project is making copyright-free media available for you….